Fragrance of Silence and Beauty of Sound

This site has been created to share our aspiration with you.

 "Silence and Sound" duet - Kushali Tarantsova and Rageshri Muzychenko has been 15 years old by now. Kushali plays the violine and the guitar. Rageshri plays the synthesizer, different types of bells, and a small African drum. During the concerts we also play the rain stick. Kushali has got a degree of Donetsk Conservatory (violine class). Rageshri deals withmedicine; she studied music in musical studio (piano class).

All our concerts are dedicated to the most inspiring music of Maestro Sri Chinmoy and we also perform classical music.

The music of soulful heart that we perform conveys both ancient and modern trends - a unique synthesis of meditative oriental melodies and rich polyphony of Western classicaltraditions.

The concert programmes include our own instrumental arrangements and original Maestros songs composed in Bengali, English and Sanskrit.

For seven years we have been performing in different cities and towns of CIS and abroad.

By this time we have given about 1000 spiritual music concerts.

We also perform music of Ukraininan composers in New York.

We have visited more than 200 cities.

You may find information about our performances at link Concerts.

Like Sri Chinmoy, we do not take any payment for our concerts, they are complimental.


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